Iron Steel Pipes & Tubes

Difference between steel & iron steel In contrast to steel, iron steel has more content of iron than carbon. It contains chemically pure iron and also is referred to as ferrous alloys. If more carbon is added to iron it becomes carbon steel and adding higher carbon to steel it becomes cast iron. So, basically […]

Round Steel Pipes

Among all other steel pipes, round steel pipes are used more frequently. The round steel pipes are used most widely in construction industry. According to the different applications, the round steel pipes have different diameters. These pipes can be customized easily. These steel pipes are available in different thickness, different diameter length, and in different […]

Structural Steel Pipe & Tubes

The steel pipes or tubes used for engineering structures made in a heated furnace or open-heart with thickness of 11mm or less are called “Structural Steel Pipes”. These pipes are generally used where plant-fabricated pipe cannot be installed and do not have the strength to support the loads imposed on them. Structural steel pipes and […]