Round Steel Pipes
Posted on: August 15, 2017, by : gal

Among all other steel pipes, round steel pipes are used more frequently. The round steel pipes are used most widely in construction industry. According to the different applications, the round steel pipes have different diameters. These pipes can be customized easily. These steel pipes are available in different thickness, different diameter length, and in different quality. Generally, these rounded steel pipes are high corrosion resistant, high reformable, toughness and has higher strength.

While measuring the diameter of a round steel pipe, the outside as well as the inside diameters should be measure separately.

Usages of Round Steel Pipes:

  • Sewage/Water Lines:
  • These kind of round pipes are the long line pipes for transporting high pressure liquids. They can be expose to high temperature or low and is less corrosive. They are used for drinking water transportation and large sewage projects. The smaller ones are used for plumbing .
  • Gas Line Pipes:
  • For wide distribution of gas the diameter of such round pipes are more whereas for domestic gas line it is smaller. The round steel pipes used for gas lines have the thinner wall than the water line pipes, these pipes can also resist higher pressure.
  • Heavy Industrial Work and Making of Satellites:
  • Amazingly usage of steel round pipes are not limited only on earth, these pipes are now becoming a main constituent in making space crafts and satellites. The round pipes could be also used for installing towers or poles for multi-media.

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